Wirecast with NDI, the ultimate live stream combination

Wirecast with NDI, the ultimate live stream combination

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Wirecast with NDI, the ultimate live stream combination

My earliest memories of using telestream.net’s Wirecast with NDI was in 2018. I used it on the visual board to broadcast a live event at church. 

I had no prior training, but a 24-72 hours intense google and deep youtube dive. 

Today, it is impressive to see how Wirecast has revolutionized live streaming technology. This may have been caused by the surge in virtual events due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Since then, I have used it for a company’s start of the year  global live broadcast , a secondary school’s televised debate competition, radio broadcast, live comedy shows, and several campaign live events.

With just my iMac, I can live stream and produce a professional video output in realtime to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and many other platforms. 

Wirecast with NDI (Network Device Interface) is the ultimate live stream combination.

Although, Wirecast is conveniently customizable, fast, and highly compatible with other software and hardware, here are my recommendations;

  • Always give a minimum of 1 gigabyte dedicated Ethernet LAN or a wireless router while streaming to ensure your network is not slow.
  • Opt for NDI (Network Device Interface) to help simplify your audio, video, and graphic sharing on a network. ( This, right here, gives production as you have never seen before, Wirecast added NDI to allow its users to easily import and export video from other software to another).  

Here are some youtube tutorials to help you get started on Wirecast with NDI:

  1.  MAK’s video teaches every beginner how to install and use Wirecast.


2. Wirecast.’s video teaches how to use NDI with Wirecast.

3. Just in case, the previous tutorial was not very helpful, this next video by Geekazine teaches how to send video out of Wirecast using Newtek NDI.


Wirecast is arguable the best live video streaming production tool. Some may say it is better than OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

If Wirecast can fix issues like video glitching and delays, it may be the best live streaming production tool.


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