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Set a light is the future of artificial lighting for photography

I was surfing Instagram like I always do for my photography and I found “Set a light 3D”, it looked super interesting so I went on an intense “search dive”. Set a light 3D is a virtual photography studio available for both Mac and PC. It renders light just as light is rendered in real … Read more

Basic video editing with Final Cut Pro

Video editing is time consuming, exhausting and to be honest, it can be frustrating. Here are four things you should consider before using final cut pro for basic editing; The Operating system you use. Your experience level with editing videos. Specification for using Final Cut Pro It is not free. 1. The Operating system you … Read more

Wirecast with NDI, the ultimate live stream combination

Dramatically innovate goal-oriented strategic theme areas through exceptional models. Monotonectally evolve cross functional results with diverse.